Thanksgiving Activities for You and Your Kids! Learn a Song in Spanish!

This Thanksgiving, surprise your friends and family members by singing, playing and doing some art. This time get your pavo (turkey) outfit ready and put a show together for everyone on Thanksgiving Day. This song is simple, short and easy to learn.

After singing, play a number memory game in Spanish. To print, click on the picture.

And how about doing some art? This will get everyone ready for more turkey (if you are not vegetarian! Tofurkey isn’t the same?).


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A Bilingual Ringtone

I am always looking for fun ideas for my daughter to enjoy being bilingual. Of course there are a lot of benefits to it, but because she is very young she is not still aware of all of them. She enjoys speaking Spanish when she visits our family in Colombia, but she also loves to teach Spanish to friends who don’t have the same degree of exposure as she does.

She is always playing with my cell phone and recording her voice for me to later use them as ringtones. She recorded a new one that I totally love. It says ” Mamí, contesta el teléfono, Mom, answer the phone.”  Click on the link below to listen to my new ringtone:

Give it a try!!! You don’t need to be fluent in any language. A few words is enough!!! Teach them to your child and record your own bilingual ringtone. Let me know how it goes!

What can parents do at home to help their child get excited about and exposed to a new language?

Create a natural environment as possible. Children learn a language by playing, singing an imitating sound with everything is a real and non-contrived context. What I recommend you do at home is to find some good music CD’s for children in Spanish. Find a couple of good videos, and ask in libraries around your area about story-time in Spanish.

You can also learn some simple phrases in Spanish to use at home with your child, for example in the mornings you can say “buenos días” to him/her, or when it’s time for breakfast you can say “vamos a desayunar”. There are also great websites that provide parents with ideas to use Spanish at home – for example,, has a section called “Resources”.

How about you start with Spanish today! Learn and use these sentences at home!

1. Buenos días, ¡es hora de levantarse! – Good morning, it’s time to get up!

2. ¡Vamos a desayunar! – Let’s have breakfast!

3. Sing in Spanish

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